This Plus Size Lady Is in search of someone to Have Regular S*x With (See Her Post) 

A Nigerian media personality, who calls herself “god of s*x” @qwinbigma on Twitter, took to the platform to kick start her search for someone she’s gonna be engaged in regular s*x with.

The acclaimed s*x god, in her declaration, stated that age isn’t really a factor but maturity in mind and emotions is key but if her potential companion neglects all these and only sees s*x, then she’s not interested.

Her tweets read,

    So I’m in the market for a constant lover/boyfriend-type situation. And I’m serious. Age isn’t really a factor, maturity in mind and emotions is key.

    Just looking for a friend/companion I can have regular s*x with. Is that you? Slide in my DM.

    Please note that if all you see in the above tweet is the “s*x” part then I ain’t talking to you. I can have s*x whenever I want to.

    I’m just looking for a companion, and great s*x is just an added bonus, not the main deal. Are we clear?

    I am full African. Nigerian to be precise…

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